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Welcome to the Museum Archive software project. Museums, Historical Societies, Schools, Nonprofits, and other groups can now organize their collections without spending valuable resources on collection management database software.

Freeware - Free Basic Edition!

This software is free - no time limits, no usage limits, no registration requirements, no spyware - just a quality database application to help you organize your collection.

N E W !

Automatically create a web site from your data

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Premium edition available - Free - as of Nov 2018

Purchase the accompanying book (or not!) and you are eligible to receive a free copy of the Premium edition of the software - it has more features available including support for images and a report wizard.

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Video Tutorials

Watch these videos to help get you started. (More videos will be ready shortly...)

Supporting the project

The purpose of this project is to provide free quality database software to groups that have limited funds. The software is free. You can support the museum project by spreading the word about the free software. In addition, I am selling a book about the database design, and I am offering a Premium edition copy of the software (free) to all (as of Nov 2018). Sales of the book will hopefully give me the resources to make improvements to the application in the future.

Please buy the book from Amazon, not from a reseller on Amazon - buying a used book does not support the project!