Downloads: the Museum Archive software project

Here is where you can get the free basic edition of the software. This installation file contains the main exe, a read-only viewer, a web server, and an import/export utility. Note that the help file is included in the basic edition installation package.

When prompted by your computer, save the file to your hard disk. Run the installation after the download is complete. (You can also right-click on the link and select the Save Target As menu option.)

This package requires a computer running Windows (Win98 or more recent) with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

Click on your choice below:

Basic edition ver 1.4 of the Museum Archive software package installation file (19.3mb)

Stand-alone PHM Thesaurus viewer - for basic edition users

View the Help file online (Not a download - it opens in a separate browser window)


The installation file and the application are both digitally signed to ensure that you are running the software that I created (without any third party changes).

Information I hope you never need: The installation comes with an un-install procedure. The application does not create any Windows Registry entries, so removal of the application (if necessary) is quick and painless.

Want the Premium Edition?

Premium edition upgrade ver 2.9.5 (21.70MB). This file is password protected and requires a previously installed copy of the software. As of Nov 2018, you can get the Premium Edition without buying the book (but buy it anyway!).Download this Zip file for the installation details.

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