Features of the Museum Archive software project

Basic edition

The basic edition, which you can download from this web site, is a full-featured database program designed specifically for museums and other archives. Running on a single computer or on a group of computers in a local area network, it gives you the ability to organize your collection and record information about the Objects at a fine level of detail.

There is no limit* to the number of items you can maintain in the database, and generating reports on the archive is quick and efficient.

Here are some of the features of the basic edition:

  • You have complete control over the sub-categories, locations, status codes, and other supporting information - you design the structure that fits your needs;
  • Objects are classified into General Categories, and each General Category has a specially designed data format to match the type of Object;
  • Each Object can have an unlimited* number of notes, events, appraisals, and so on;
  • The software is designed to help you easily locate the entry you are looking for, with user-adjustable sort orders, Locator fields, and the ability to query the data;
  • Reports can include the entire archive or a sub-set of the data that you define, at run-time, using the built-in Query Wizard;
  • The software comes with a data repair utility (in the event of a problem).

Premium edition

In addition to all of the features in the basic edition, the Premium edition has these additional capabilities:

  • Record links to - and display - an unlimited* number of images for each Object;
  • Print the Object's primary image on the detailed report
  • Control access to the database with username and password protection;
  • Create your own reports with the Report Wizard;
  • Send data to a variety of file formats, including PDF and XML;
  • Search the text of reports and mark pages for printing;
  • Nomenclature (controlled vocabulary) and Thesaurus;
  • BarCodes;
  • Folders;
  • Note Templates
  • Archive printed reports for later use.
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Check out the online version of the Help

The online version of the software's help file is available here. Have a look at the screenshots and the explanations of the program's capabilities. The help file will open in a new browser window.

* There is a theoretical limit to the number of items you can store in a table - over 4 billion - but other factors would get in the way before you reach that number.