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Report Output

Report Output

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Report Output

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1_bm5 or pressing Enter from preview will open this window.




I've added the ability to save some of the reports to an editable text file:


Detailed report to text


Click on the File button and specify the name of the text file.





If any pages have been marked, only those pages will be processed.


Printer or File


Do you want to print the selected pages or send the report to a printer file? The software will also give you additional targets for the report.  If you select an advanced destination, other than Print, the report will be processed to that destination and return for another selection or further viewing.




Select a file when processing the report to a printer file.




Send the selected pages to the printer or printer file. Once completed, the report will close.


Print & Remain


Print but do not close the report viewer.




Cancel the request to print the report.




Open this help file.










Indicate the number of copies required.


Collate copies


Select the page order used when printing copies. When checked: pages will be sorted as 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 instead of 111, 222, 333.


Reverse order                                


When checked: pages will print in reverse page order. This is generally for printers that do not print in a natural page order.


Print both sides


When checked: this option provides manual duplex printing where the report is printed on both sides of the paper, see: Duplex Printing










Report archives provide a means to retain time sensitive or long process reports for later retrieval.




Enter a short description of this archive. This is the description used for selection when retrieved.




Include a longer, more detailed, description of this report.




Process this report into the archive.



If you have marked pages you may have the option to process a range of pages as shown.