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Thanks for taking a look at the Museum Archive software package. There are two editions of the software. One edition is a completely free download that has all of the basic features you'll need to start recording and tracking all of the Objects in your archive. The second edition is also free, but you only get it if you purchase the accompanying book.


I decided to create the Museum Archive software package after working with a local nonprofit organization. This local historical society has a collection of papers, books, photographs, oral histories, and other artifacts, but they have no comprehensive catalog of what those items are and where those items are stored. Commercial software packages are available to record this information, but they tend to be very costly. Why not build one myself?


Museum Archive software credits


The result is this project. Now every organization has the ability to record and track their collections without spending valuable resources on the software necessary to do it. The software is free - no ads, no hidden spyware, no hidden agenda - just a solid database program that does its job. For a deeper understanding of how the software works, and to obtain the Premium edition of the software that adds a lot of functionality, you can purchase the book - but this is not a requirement. The basic edition of the software has no time limits, and it has no limits on the number of Objects you can add to the database. (Technically, there is a limit to the number of Objects, but the number is so large that you will never reach it.)


In the beginning, I am limiting my technical support efforts to reading your emails and posting the questions and answers to the web site in the form of a FAQ (frequently asked question). My time is limited, so personal replies to your email questions will only be possible if the mail volume is not too high. Read the help file before sending an email. You'll find that most of your questions are answered in this document. If the level of interest warrants it, I'll implement a forum for users at a later date.


Obviously, the software is offered to you "as is". It is my hope that the software will make the job of cataloging your collection easy and efficient, but how you use the software is entirely up to you, and I cannot be responsible for the results. I am happy to entertain suggestions for improving the software from users of either version, but I can't promise you that any suggestion will be implemented in a future release. How much time I can afford to spend on the project in the future will depend on the sales volume of the accompanying book.


Version 2.8 of the Premium edition


Version 2.8 has the following new and/or improved features:


The Detailed Object report now has the ability to create an editable text file as a report destination;

A Valuation form is available so that you can optionally record some basic accounting data about the acquisition of the Object;

The Insurance/Appraisal report now includes the new Valuation data;

The Insurance/Appraisal report now automatically generates a CSV file with the Appraisal and Valuation data for use in a spreadsheet;

The Valuation data is now included in the XML export and import routines;

The Valuation data is now included in the web export routine;

The Folder associations are now included in the XML export and import routines.        


Version 2.7 of the Premium edition


Version 2.7 of the Premium edition has the following new and/or improved features:


The utility functions are now part of the main program;

You can now create a static web site from your data with a few mouse clicks;

There is a dynamic web server that you can use to automatically present a read-only view of your data to the world wide web;

There are a few new reports;

I've added some fields to the Document category of Objects;

There is a powerful new Query By Example (QBE) tool for searching your Objects;

Nomenclature - your own controlled vocabulary;

PHM Thesaurus;

Bar code labels;


Quick Image Viewer.


These features are only in the premium edition.


Future Releases?


Hopefully, the project will find an audience and generate enough resources to enable me to improve and enhance the software.