Support for the Museum Archive software project

Support is limited to email inquiries. If it is possible, I'll respond to your email questions and I will also post the question and answer on this page. If the mail volume gets too high, I might not be able to answer every inquiry individually, but I will continue to add to the FAQs. Please read the help manual and these FAQs before asking your question. Chances are good that what you are asking has already been asked and answered, or at least explained in the help.

Send your inquiries to

If the project attracts enough users, I'll establish a forum to supplement the FAQs.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • Q. Can I purchase the Premium edition of the software?
    A. No, neither edition of the software is for sale. To obtain a copy of the Premium edition, buy the book.
  • Q. Can I use this software on more than one computer?
    A. Yes. Run it on as many computers as you like. Read the Network section of the help if you want to have all of the computers accessing the same database.
  • Q. I bought the book. Where's my software?
    A. I'll send you a download link after I've verified your purchase.
  • Q. I've added Objects but they do not appear in the Search list box. Why not?
    A. You added the Object but did not click on the Object Details button and finish entering the information about the Object. The Object Details form is designed to match the Category of Object you have selected, and it is this information that you are looking at in the Search list box.
  • Q. How can I find an accession number (or some other piece of information)?
    A. There are several ways. (1) On the main browse window, you can scroll to the right and then click on the Accession Number header to sort by that column. The locator will then let you type the value you are looking for and the position in the list will move towards your value. (2) You can click on the Query button on the main browse window and set the query to show Objects where accession number equals (your value). (3) You can use the detailed report to find the accession number (using either a query or by searching for the value in the print preview window).

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